Didn’t you just love meeting Nicky Epstein?

Worked Nicky-2It was quick, it was simply friend to friend, and it was delightful … it’s your loss if you missed this little intimate vignette.  Frankly, I’d forgotten how much Nicky can offer up in such a short time … everyone has commented on something they gained from her. Thanks, Nicky … let’s do it again soon!

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This is how we rock …

One of our much loved ladies here in Kingston Springs shared this find from her garden and graciously agreed to let us share with you … love the thought, her posing, clothes pin rocking chair, crocheted towel, vintage table top … most of all we love this little town and jewels like Mama Jayne!

Here’s what she posted with the photo: ‘Here’s a baby we found in our cucumber patch today. It’s Momma is rocking it to sleep.’


We found this pattern on Ravelry if you’d like to crochet up that hand towel … http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hanging-towel-and-matching-dishcloth

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Sometimes you can just feel the love …

Regina and I have been friends for probably 15 or so years.  Only a couple of years ago did I pick up on the subtle fact that her close friends called her Gina.  I’m sometimes slow that way.  She just didn’t want to correct me.  Hence, she’s been Gina Regina to me.

I love this girl.  She came to the yarn shop to learn to knit, after following me for years with my photography classes.  I appreciated her support, but knew she was a lefty (and a red-head) so kinda walked gently around this.  But I taught her.  Her first piece was a washcloth … and Picasso worthy.  It zigged, zagged, here a hole, there a hole … and then she sent it on to her future son-in-law as a ‘welcome to the family’ gift! (sorry, do wish we had a pic of that … and that’s a whole other story!)

Gina Regina kept at it … and has become a very astute knitter (she’ll say not, but she is).  She is not a random knitter, she knits only for her loved ones, and she will tell you that.  If she doesn’t feel the love, she won’t knit it.   And I sometimes try to call her Gina.   So that maybe she’ll knit something for me.

This pic is Gina Regina loving her first grandchild, Owen Thomas.  In a blanket she knitted.  For months.  With a boatload of love for all.  Well done, girlfriend!IMG_0397

The pic is Gina Regina with her first grandchild bundled up in that baby blanket she knit with love in every stitch … (some of them several times!)

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Nicky Epstein at Ewe & Company …

On Sunday, August 11 from noon until 2, Nicky Epstein will be at Ewe & Company signing her most recent books!  We are asking that you RSVP if you are coming … you can reply here, or on our Ravelry thread, send us a message or call the shop ~ 615.952.0110 (we need to know how many cookies to bake … and how many books to have available!)

This is an opportunity to meet one of the rock stars of knitting, don’t miss out!  We’ll have copies of Nicky’s latest books on hand for purchase, including Knitting in Circles, Knitting Block by Block, Knitted Flowers, and her newest book, Knits for Dolls. (I’m thinking I’ll get her to sign my Vogue Knitting mag … you know, the one with her wedding dress on the cover!)

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E.L.F. Cap KAL … ((what))

Too many acronyms, just want to knit? We’re knitting this fun & crazy hat beginning Wednesday, August 14 as a shop Knit-A-Long (hence KAL) from the soon to be available ‘Unofficial Harry Potter Knits’ magazine

We’ve worked through this one, and for sure this is not just another hat. This is 5-5-5 hats in one, just like the pattern says. You need to bring most if not all of your knitting skills to the mixing table for this one. It is complexly simple … or simply complex.  We’re offering this KAL beginning August 14 and it may take several weeks, this pattern takes you through several interestingly simple1014167_591928774163684_1799136724_n hoops and twists.  If you’d like to sign up, please send us a message through our FB page, cost is $25 for the guidance if you purchase everything at the shop, $50 if you would prefer to bring in your own stuff from elsewhere.  We’re thinking 3 sessions will get this done, the magic starts at 6 pm, August 14 … hope to see you then!

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Repurposing (a/k/a why I can’t seem to ever throw anything away) …

Well, I had these Grumpy socks from the Disney Store that Sam bought me probably in 1993 or so.  That’s right, 20 year old worn out socks and I still had ’em.  The heels & toes were blown out so that they were more like yoga socks, ‘cept I’m not yet a yoga-kind-of-gal.  Yet.  Rather than pitching them in the trash, I just cut off the feet, kept the cuffs. Can’t explain why.

We were discussing in the shop the other day about various yarn cozies available … and suddenly these Grumpy sock tops had a new life ~ seems perfect!  I’ve been knitting a simple garter stitch shawl with 100% silk; that slick little yarn ball just kept unwinding out of control.  Gently snuggling the yarn cake into the sock cuff, I knit a few rows and it’s working great … so now I’m going to pop off & rummage through the sock drawers again. Let us know if you try it and what you think!

PS:  (This is also offered as a semi-logical explanation as to why we have a pillowcase full of socks for you to prowl through!)


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Help us name our goat (yes, it’s a contest)!

ImageOK, it’s official, we’ve adopted an angora goat through the Baatany Project we told you about yesterday, pretty excited to be able to do this!  Now, we need to name our little mountain critter ~ so we’re having a contest.  Like us on Facebook (Ewe & Company) and post your suggested name, we’ll pick our favorite on Sunday, July 21 & announce the winner (if a duplicate name is picked, first posting will win).  Some creatively lucky peep will receive a couple of skeins of Green Mountain Spinnery‘s Mountain Mohair yarn (spun with the fleece from the Baatany goats), current issue of Vogue Knitting Magazine, and a pair of Knitter’s Pride Needles.  Ya’ll have some fun with this!

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